Is this for 2004, 2006, or both?

Sep 1, 2007 at 4:17 AM
The versions mentioned throughout the description of the project and the documentation are inconsistent:
  • The project is named the "BizTalk ~2006~ Documenter"
  • The readme.doc included in the download states that it "Creates compiled help / Word 2003 XML files for a given BTS ~2004~ installation."
  • The requirements include "BizTalk ~2006~"
  • Some of the parameter documentation references 2004. E.g., "/server The BizTalk ~2004~ database server name (incl. instance). Default %COMPUTERNAME%."

So, what's the deal:
  • Does it supportf BTS2004, 2006, or both?
  • If it only supports 2006, where'd the 2004 version go? Some of us are, unfortunately, stranded on 2004 for the time being. Does anyone have an archived version?

Thanks kindly.